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Graphic Design & Business

Graduated 30th of July 2011
University College of Northern Denmark

“Design, Technology & Business (Graphics) is a 2-year, full-time study programme (AP-degree). It combines practical work in graphic design programmes such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop with a creative and aesthetic understanding of design processes from ideas to finished products.

Students on the Design, Technology & Business (Graphics) programme will also gain useful relevant knowledge about businesses, commerce and communication. “

– Excerpt from www.UCNorth.dk

In this education, I learned to work with a variety of graphic programs. Such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Flash. I also gained knowledge of the design process from idea to finished product.

It concluded with a three-month internship and the final exam project.

eksample of graphic design work

Web design & Development

Graduated 24th of October 2014
Media College Denmark

“The objective of the course is the development of knowledge in the field of producing effectively communicating web-solutions using a variety of skills acquired in modules such as object oriented programming and practical web-integration.

You will also be trained in the integration of text, images, graphic elements, sound, animation and databases with a view to creating dynamic and advanced web-solutions. ”

- Excerpt from www.medieskolerne.dk/webintegrator-udd

During this course I learned to program web-solutions using PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and I gained knowledge on MySQL and using databases.

Project #1 - Medicine Info
Project #2 - Caballo Clothing
Project #3 - Beauty by Me - Marie Elvire Biegel

exaples of web design/development

Freelance – Skagen Bookshop

Graphic Design, Marketing & Web Design

Skagen Bookshop is a local Bookshop in Skagen, Denmark. I have been responsible for all their marketing material for the last two years. This includes, adverts in newspapers, web adverts and flyers.

In the spring/summer of 2015, the shop went through a change of franchise and we decided to redo the entire brand. I developed the new visual identity. Including logo, outdoor and indoor signs, business cards, stamps and general marketing material.

With the change of franchise, the bookshop also required a completely new website, which I am currently in the process of designing and developing.

Work for Skagen Bookshop

Freelance – Anna Ancher Skagen

Layout, Editing & Printing

This assignment was done for Lions Club Anna Ancher Skagen, which is a non-profit charity organization in Denmark.

The book is a collection of recipes using local produce and fish from Skagen. The recipes are from prominent hotels and restaurants in the area. I did all the layouts for the book and the editing of the photos.

I also worked in close contact with the printer and made sure the book was made ready for printing and that the result was to the standard expected by Lions Club.

Cookbook for Lions Club Skagen

Freelance – Plurafutura Publishing

Illustrations, Layout & Editing

”Mærkelige Menneske” –”Strange People”, is a book concerning the psychology of the individual used in teaching at Aalborg University Denmark. Plurafutura Publishing publishes the book.

I made the illustrations for this book. Both the technical charts and the more illustrative drawings. The front and back cover is also designed and illustrated by me. I also worked on the general layout such as the list of content, terms and names.

Psykology book by Plurafuttura Publishing

Freelance – Skagen Folk Festival

Graphic Design, Icons & Web Design

Skagen Folk Festival is a local music festival in Denmark.

I have been working as a member of the PR-team, doing graphic design work. For the last two years, I have made the ticket-layout, header for the ticket shop and the icons for all of the venues. We change the design a little bit each year, but I make sure that it always respects the design manual and guidelines for the festival.

The Skagen Festival App has been developed together with another member of the PR-team. I delivered all the design elements, icons, backgrounds, images and logos.

Further to the aforementioned design collaborations with other members of the PR-team I was also personally responsible for the development of graphic work related to banners, advertisements, etc.

Graphic work for Skagen Folk Festival


Portraits and commissions in traditional & digital medias

Examples of illustrations